Odz Manouk/Tukaaria Split

Released in May 2011, Odz Manouk contributed The Scavenger and The Sloth to this split tape with Tukaaria. Rhinocervs put together an advance 100 copies on gold cardstock. The pro-tape version should be available early July, 2011 and will be undisclosed in limitation.

V/A - Odour of Dust & Rot Compilation

Odz Manouk contributed the track A Virulent Wind to the Rhinocervs compilation "Odour of Dust & Rot," scheduled for release in mid-June 2011. For more info check out Rhinocervs

Odz Manouk - S/T

1st pressing (SOLD OUT) and 2nd pressing on Crepusculo Negro label officially released October, 2010. Rhinocervs and Final Agony labels plan to release an LP version later 2011. 6 tracks total at 41 mins.

From funeralstench.blogspot.com
Our second installment of Crepusculo Negro releases is from a new project out of, you guessed it, California. There are groups of people who think they called the decline of authentic, underground Black Metal and started to comment about it, but it just still hasn’t happened. It is because of bands like this. The vocals are absolutely painful and the mountain of riffs manifest this album, along with violent drumming, into the manic and aggressive beast it is. I really think both of these new CN tapes deserve longer reviews and I know most of the “fans” here don’t read the reviews anyway, so I will save the rest of my thoughts for my Pure Stench rambling. For everyone else, just download it and enjoy!

From nobeastsofiercenyc.blogspot.com
One of the newer  Black Twilight/Crepusculo Negro bands who now keep company with other California bands such as Volahn, Axeman, Arizmenda, and a few more. This is Odz Manouk’s first offering and it’s due to sole member Yagian. The music is top shelf Black Metal. It’s Patron to the leagues of mediocre, Cuervo Black Metal these days. It has atmosphere without being atmospheric. It’s layered but doesn’t quite reveal how so. It fits nicely into the Black Twilight mold musically, geographically and in feeling. Top Shelf Black Metal! This shit fuckin rules! I hope more’s to come!!!